Monday, September 16, 2013

Gotcha day (part 3)

When we first saw Shi Yu she seemed so listless and really wasn't moving much. We knew from the few updates we had received that she couldn't talk, had a great deal of muscle issues, and could only crawl by dragging her legs.  So there was no surprise. We loved her unconditionally no matter what. When I  first prayed and asked God if Shi Yu was the one I unequivocally believed he said yes. He also told me to trust his word and promises no matter how things might look.  That is what I did. So what ever condition Shi Yu was in was fine by us. We were told that food was the only security these children knew so if they cried at the beginning we were to give them a small snack like a Cheerio.  This was amazingly true. The orphanage person  reminded me of this when Shi Yu started crying and I was in such a whirlwind that I had forgotten. She placed a little snack in Shi Yu's mouth (not in her hand which made me assume Shi Yu was unable to take the food in her own and place it in her own mouth).  One tiny snack calmed the worst of crying. It was instantaneous. So Shi Yu began trusting us via a snack. And as always Shi Yu was perfect in our eyes!