Saturday, August 24, 2013

Packing packing packing

Its so hard to limit your packing when there are so many unknowns. This is all Izzys things. I think Dan and I will end up sharing half of a half of a suitcase lol.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Official travel itinerary received!

8/30/13: arrive in Beijing. We will be met by a rep from the adoption agency. The reps stay with our group the entire time. We are staying at the Crowne Plaza Wangfujing hotel. Recover from jet lag and can go on tours (we are skipping that. They tell people the purpose of this time is to rest and recover from jet lag so we can be on track when we get out daughter. Maybe if we were in or 20's lol

9/1: fly to Zhengzhou. Staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

9/2: This is the day we have waited for !!! We will sign guardianship papers then return to the hotel and fill out more paperwork with the agency rep. Enjoy and get to know the newest member of our family! Most importantly she will be getting to know us!

9/3: take a bus in the am to complete adoption registration

9/4 free day!

9/5: receive notary documents whatever that means

9/6: receive Izzys passport

9/7 fly to Guangzhou . Staying at Guangzhou China hotel

9/8: meet with adoption reps to prepare paperwork for consulate appt.

9/10: go to clinic for mandatory physical for Izzy.

9/10: Izzy gets a TB test (I think she already got one based on an email we received a couple weeks ago saying she was negative.

9/11: big day! We go to the USA consulate to take an oath sweating we will take care and love Izzy.

9/12: free day! Maybe some shopping? Pack to return home!

9/13: leaving for airport at 10:00 am! We are coming home! YAY !

Well that's it! I can't wait to fill in each of thus dates with lots of happy info! I am hoping to write each day and post pictures for all of you!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brother and SIL lessons on China

For those that don't know my brother just returned from living 15 years in China. His wife (my sil) was born and had lived in China all of her life. Tonight they had its over for an authentic Chinese dinner with many ingredients they brought from China. She made about 7 different dishes. Most of them were amazing! The only one I wasn't to fond of was the octopus sea weed soup. They were little tiny baby octopus after all. My brother admonished me for showing my very plain to see disdain lol. I was told you can't react that way in China. You just politely take one bite and not eat any more. They tried to teach us to use chopsticks but rice is really hard! Ymei said they have ones made for children that are attached at the top and are spring loaded. I think that's what I need was a very nice time. My sil asked if there were some things I could pick up for her. I was laughing because its nothing to them but for me, I am just hoping to survive the trip lmbo. But I will try to get what they want. They know do many people there that they gave us phone numbers (as well as Huss phone from China so I can call home) of people that can come quickly if something happened. My brother is amazing and really looks out for me. I am a very lucky sister. I asked my little nephew if he wanted to come (he is 3 and very smart). At first he said yes then asked his mommy and daddy of they were coming. When they said no he changed his mind. Do I said "we are going to go to China to bring a little girl home do you want to come?" Then he promptly walked to the car ready to go telling his Mom he didn't want the little girl to live at his house though. I live hearing him talk Chinese. I can't understand it but his Mom translates. So we had a wonderful night. I can't wait to bring Izzy home so she can meet her cousin!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Less then 10 days to go!

It was officially 1 year on August 10th that we began this adoption process and chose Sh Yu. It seemed like it would take forever. The mass amounts of paperwork were almost overwhelming at times. Everytime we felt like we were done with paperwork we recieved another packet of mass amounts of work lol. It was like riding a rollercoaster and not knowing was was over the next hill. But here we are, 10 days away from the getting off the ride and starting the real journey. Getting our little girl! It is so hard to put into words how this feels. Happiness doesnt even come close. It is such a wonderful feeling to know we are adding another member to our family. I feel so blessed to have the wonderful adult children I have because I know they will grow to love her and she will grow to love them. This is not a new beginning its a continuation of the beauiful family i began 34 years ago. I can't wait until she meets her brothers and sisters. They will each be a gift to her as she will be to them. Shi Yu is about to become Izbella. We are about to become a family of 7!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holy cow!

I have been so busy that it just hit me that we are leaving in 2 weeks! We have been preparing for this for almost a year yet suddenly I feel very unprepared. My goal was to have everything perfect but the unknowns make it impossible. There was so much serious, time consuming paperwork that meeting our daughter always seemed so far off. And there was always that scary possibility that something could go wrong. When you want something so badly you tend to be guarded and not allow yourself to completely let go emotionally (just in case).  But it's almost here!  Every second of time that we invested toward bringing Izzy home seems like nothing in comparison to the blessing we are about to receive. I dream about what it will be like when we meet her. Will she automatically feel my love? I hope she won't be to afraid. So many thoughts.  Honestly I really don't think there is any thing more I can do to prepare, just the usual jitters that come with any big life change lol. But I know these 2 weeks are going to fly by. Wow! Next month at this time we will be on or way home and enjoying or new little girl!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Meeting" others

 I Have Been In Touch With 3 Other people In Our Adoption Travel Group. I Would Never Share Their Information But I Will Say They Seem Very Nice And Range From Having adopted Before To Being A First Timer. It Gives Me Comfort To Have Been In Contact With Those That Will Share In This Adventure!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got our travel group info!

 Just Got Info On Our Travel Group! Well  There May Be More AsYou Have A Choice If You Want Your Info Shared With Others That Are Traveling When You Are.  We Are Traveling With 3 Other couples.One Of Them Are From Ohio SoThat Is Great! Wouldn't It Be Wonderful If They Weren't To Far Away? Our Babie Could Stay In Touch And They Would Be SharImg  Something Very Very Special!

Good news

We Got InformationToday That Izzy Had Her TB Test AnD She Is Negative! Yay!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Packed Izzy's clothes today. It was so hard to figure out what to take! Size, weather, urgh!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Latest pic of Izzy

24 days and counting!

First Official Post!  I Am Not Sure Why The Auto Spacing Isn't Working on Here So Forgive All The capital Letters.  Anyway, I Am A Little Late In Starting This. Most People Start At The Beginning Of An Adoption. We Are Past The Paperwork And Leaving For China In Less Then A month. We Are A Family Of 6 Going on 7! All Of OUr Children Are Grown So I Guess We Aren't The Typical Adoptive Family. We Are Adopting A Beautiful 2 Years 3 Month Old Sweetie Pie. More To Come!