Friday, August 23, 2013

Official travel itinerary received!

8/30/13: arrive in Beijing. We will be met by a rep from the adoption agency. The reps stay with our group the entire time. We are staying at the Crowne Plaza Wangfujing hotel. Recover from jet lag and can go on tours (we are skipping that. They tell people the purpose of this time is to rest and recover from jet lag so we can be on track when we get out daughter. Maybe if we were in or 20's lol

9/1: fly to Zhengzhou. Staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

9/2: This is the day we have waited for !!! We will sign guardianship papers then return to the hotel and fill out more paperwork with the agency rep. Enjoy and get to know the newest member of our family! Most importantly she will be getting to know us!

9/3: take a bus in the am to complete adoption registration

9/4 free day!

9/5: receive notary documents whatever that means

9/6: receive Izzys passport

9/7 fly to Guangzhou . Staying at Guangzhou China hotel

9/8: meet with adoption reps to prepare paperwork for consulate appt.

9/10: go to clinic for mandatory physical for Izzy.

9/10: Izzy gets a TB test (I think she already got one based on an email we received a couple weeks ago saying she was negative.

9/11: big day! We go to the USA consulate to take an oath sweating we will take care and love Izzy.

9/12: free day! Maybe some shopping? Pack to return home!

9/13: leaving for airport at 10:00 am! We are coming home! YAY !

Well that's it! I can't wait to fill in each of thus dates with lots of happy info! I am hoping to write each day and post pictures for all of you!