Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holy cow!

I have been so busy that it just hit me that we are leaving in 2 weeks! We have been preparing for this for almost a year yet suddenly I feel very unprepared. My goal was to have everything perfect but the unknowns make it impossible. There was so much serious, time consuming paperwork that meeting our daughter always seemed so far off. And there was always that scary possibility that something could go wrong. When you want something so badly you tend to be guarded and not allow yourself to completely let go emotionally (just in case).  But it's almost here!  Every second of time that we invested toward bringing Izzy home seems like nothing in comparison to the blessing we are about to receive. I dream about what it will be like when we meet her. Will she automatically feel my love? I hope she won't be to afraid. So many thoughts.  Honestly I really don't think there is any thing more I can do to prepare, just the usual jitters that come with any big life change lol. But I know these 2 weeks are going to fly by. Wow! Next month at this time we will be on or way home and enjoying or new little girl!