Monday, September 16, 2013

Gotcha day (part 2)

The time is finally here! We were all taken by bus to the registrars building. When we pulled up there were 2 little Children about 2 years old standing at the door. Our guide said they belonged to 2 families on the bus! It was so hard to believe! We thought they were just 2 kids with their parents! The guide said their names and you could hear the 2 families excitement! It all seemed very real at that point.  We all went into a room in the front of the building and one by one a baby or child would arrive. It was unreal! I can't even put how it felt in words. Families that had waited a  year or more finally being united with a child they had loved but never met. It was such an honor to be a part of that. I was video taping for a family that had just received there little girl and suddenly Dan was tapping me on the shoulder saying "Cherry she is here!" I looked over and standing at the door was a young woman holding a tiny little girl who was almost curled into a ball. We quickly went over and there she was! I immediately recognized her from her pictures. She was curled up against the orphanage representative but her little eyes were taking everything in. The lady told her we were her mama and baba  (dada in Chinese). She looked so scared it broke my heart. She made a crying face and started whimpering. I took her into my arms as she continued the whimpering. I kissed her little forehead and rocked her back and forth. She was such a brave little girl!  Dan took her next and she seemed to immediately bond with him. After a bit she would alternately go from crying face to a stare at us. She wasn't quite sure how to feel. We gave her a stuffed ball that looked like Minnie mouse and she held on to the tiny ear for what became hours.  It was just all so amazing.  What an amazing day! This was our little girl! FINALLY!