Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 4 going to Zhengzhou!

It feels so good to be moving in to the next leg of our journey! This will be the best place because we will finally meet or little girl! After flying to or new city's airport we are met with the infamous and much dreaded "squatty" potty! For those that don't know this is the Chinese version of a toilet. Many big cities there now have toilets but this airport didn't. It its basically a trough in the floor lined with tile that you "squat" over! Disquieting didn't even come close to describing it! I don't think anyone really tries to aim as the floor is covered with urine. (each squatty potty does have the luxury of an individual stall). The smell its so overwhelming I had dry heaves. I walked out wishing I could bath in alcohol and throw my shoes away. Anyway, we were met by or guides Aiesha and Rita. They were awesome! We took a bus to the hotel and in the way they gave us updates (albeit short very much coveted) updates in or children. Our group had 10 families adopting 12 children.  We were given or itinerary and a rundown of things to expect. This town wasn't exactly the best area but we weren't planning on going very far from the hotel anyway. There were hundreds and hundreds of people riding electric scooters. They were so thick on the sidewalks you took your life in your hands just stepping into it. And the horn blowing is constant.  Made me wonder if any of them paid attention to even hearing a horn anymore lol.  The crazy thing is that there were families riding on one scooter. When a scooter went by with a man driving and a woman holding a small baby (Mom not even holding on) I about fell overt. No helmets. No rules for the scooter driving. Scooters flying in every direction and weaving in and out. I couldn't believe there were no accidents! One scooter went by and I swear the child holding onto the Mom (driver) was only like 2 years old. He didn't look old enough to even know to hold on yet he looked like a pro! Ok...back to or purpose for being here! Tomorrow is the BIG day! It didn't seem real. It seems surreal! Like it was happening to someone else. Others were saying they wouldn't be able to sleep tonight but we didn't feel we would have a problem because what was about to happen didn't seem like it was happening. In thus whole process you build a wall between yourself and the child you are willing to give anything to bring home. The wall is built from the fear that at any moment one of the million things that can go wrong, can go wrong and that little child you fell in love with could go away and that would be devastating. Not just for us but for the child that wouldn't be getting a loving family. If something would go wrong that child would sit for at least another year (because of the process) and be another year older before going with a family. We keep asking each other "do you believe we are going to actually met the little girl in the picture that we have starred at and dreamed aboutfor so long?" The answer was always "no." But it is about to happen!