Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Goodbye Zhengzhou

While still in Zhengzhou we returned to the registrars building (where we met her). Our adoption paperwork had been officially completed and approved. We were each awarded or official decree of adoption in a beautiful red leather holder. Shi Yu was ours! No more worrying about something happening to mess things up. Shi Yu had always been mine I'm my heart but now it was legal and nothing could change that! Later that day we would receive her passport and our job in Zhengzhou was done! Time to get in or 3Rd plane and head for Guangzhou where we would apply for her visa and finally bring her home! True to his word, Shi Yu's health is nothing like reported. She is an amazing little girl and so smart!

I have to say that God is so amazing. From the beginning he told me to trust him concerning Shi Yu and her health. I have to admit there were times when it was hard, especially when we would get an update telling its what she "couldn't" do. But I reminded myself that God was in charge and I had nothing to worry about.  We didn't care what she could or couldn't do only that with us being older we could give her what she needs for a good life.  Along with that I held to gods word that he "healed the sick" and refused to believe anything else. It was an up and down back and forth time. Even on the day we met Shi Yu i felt we were being tested. But God showed us how amazing he is. Shi Yu is far and above any expectation we could have. Its like I told my Mom, she its like a little treasure chest and every day she surprises us with what she can do. I can't say I will miss Zhengzhou. It is definitely not as westernized as Beijing. Eating at the "westernized" hotel restaurant buffet consisted of chicken heart, lungs and other things I didn't understand. Yuck! I was pretty much existing on the breakfast buffet that was very good at all hotels. Shi Yu on the other hand enjoyed anything you put in her mouth lol. And I loved putting it there. She is a joy!  Oh! Some other things Shi Yu showed its she can do...hold and use a sippee cup, scribble with a crayon in a coloring book (she liked the blue crayon and kept handing back the red one when we gave it to her), brush her hair (or tries lol), and so much more! She loves taking a bath. That's when she really starts talking and singing. She must have watched people cooking because if there is anything that resembles a bowl she will use her brush to stir the imaginary ingredients.  I almost forgot! Her stacking cups! From the first day we had her she would spend hours, and I mean hours, placing the cups inside each other. When they weren't right she would undo them and keep working until they were right. We were amazed! Right now they are her favorite toy. She is a genius lol. I think that wraps Zhengzhou up. Off to Guangzhou!