Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 2

Not sure what part of Beijing we are in. The hotel is decent. Had a weird smell though.  We aren't taking the tour to the great wall etc. some of the others are but I am still nursing my knee and don't wasn't to take chances. Besides, my insides are screaming "I just want my baby!". We wandered around a bit. Found a McDonalds! Finally coffee! It looks like the sidewalk and store fronts the hotel is on is being redone. Safety is apparently not high in the list of things as it its perilous walking. Holes and bricks everywhere. We found a mall not far away but I am not a shopper and my knees were already hurting. I did buy a very small purse on the street to carry the hotel card and a little RMB (Chinese cash). We are each walking around with about 2 thousand dollars strapped to us in a money bElton. Its so hot and sweaty as it is that I can tell I will come to hate this belt!