Monday, September 16, 2013

Gotcha day ending (part 4)

I did want to mention that Shi Yu did cry when the orphanage person left. I didn't know if she was close with her or if this woman had become her security during the long trip to meet us. We took Shi Yu back to the hotel along with all the other families. We couldn't wait to be alone with her and start getting to know her. We would only have 2 hrs and then it was off to another meeting. (There are many meetings and appointments throughout this entire process  but I'm not going to go into that). Finally! We had our little girl to ourselves! Thus was when it truly hit that she was ours. We had only signed the temporary custody papers but that was enough for me. I was dying to change her clothes and put something fresh on her but I didn't want to scare her. It dawned on us that the dress and pants she had on was from a set that we had sent her months and months ago just minus the long sleeve top. That was very touching to me. Shi Yu remained the same as when we met her. We talked to her softly hoping the small trust she had in us would grow. She really seemed to be bonding well with Dan. It looked like the soft voice he had had finally paid off. I think the 2 of us together was a bit overwhelming fir her so I kind of backed off. The adoption guide had told us that many times the children will bond with the father first  because they don't generally see any males and they equate women with the orphanage nannies who are often mean. I was thrilled Shi Yu was doing so well with her new daddy.  I had experienced something miraculous today and the second I realized it these words came to my head.."how long does it take a man to become a daddy? The answer is...the amount of time it takes to place a child in his arms and for their eyes to meet". And that was exactly how long it took Dan. I saw it happen right before my eyes.