Monday, November 11, 2013

Speech and physical therapy evaluation

Oh! And fitting for leg braces. Well. Not quite sure I understand the whole speech eval thing. She you tested fantastic on the comprehension part and they said they were amazed considering she has only been in this country for 2 months and is just laying English. They feel she would have tested much higher then average if it weren't for that. She is definitely bright. The other part, actually speaking words and number of works she knows etc was lower. She was fitted for ankle fit braces as well. These braces have come a long way then the awkward ones of years past. Shi yo will be sorting pink ones. We passed on the designs you can get as she doesn't like to not be able to match her clothes lol.  They are like thin plastic shells that will fit right in her shoes. These should be fine in about a week. On to physical therapy. She wasn't too thrilled with that and was definitely not putting her best foot forward (no pun intended lol). They really won't give you any prognosis but I know what I believe so I don't care. They said she is weak in the trunk and legs. The muscle time is weak but tone comes from the brain and they may end up using medication. Therapy will help the muscle strength but not the time. Her leg muscles are what they call spastic meaning they shake a little sometimes. So she will begin therapy next week. They are checking our insurance for the speech therapy. One other thing, she is having a swallowing test done because she sometimes chokes when eating and drinking.  This also would be because if muscle development and if not treated could cause serious infection. All in all, Shi Yu is not one to accept any weaknesses. She pushed herself to do the things that she knows she can't do even without out help. Her survival skills are honed probably from trying to survive the orphanage. Her determination inspires me. I know I say it all the time but Shi Yu is just so amazing! We are truly the ones blessed to have het as our daughter. One other thing. Shi Yu is adjusting well to other people. Little by little she is learning to love and trust family members. I love seeing family with her. She had met only a few friends for short periods of time and had done well. I am including some recent pics.