Sunday, December 1, 2013

So much to catch up on!

Let's see. Shi Yu has started her physical therapy. She doesn't mind to much. She still has to start the actual speech therapy and occupational therapy. Life seems like one big appointment and I find I have to schedule visits from friends around it. I discovered that when I accidentally invited 2 different people over at the same time. This is so different from my life before but I love doing it for Shi Yu. I do feel like maybe I am hurting my friends feelings when I have to be so scheduled for them to visit. I hope this isn't the case. Shi Yu got her leg braces and hates them. She will lay in the floor like she can't move around and cry. It breaks my heart. The funny thing is that if she is around her little cousin she completely forgets and crawls all over laughing.  I am looking forward to tomorrow's therapy appointment to see how to deal with this. Shi Yu has become very comfortable with all of the immediate family members that live here. The last to conquer this was my youngest son Matthew. He won her over by playing airplane. What kid doesn't love being flown around the house. I just love seeing him with her. It's like watching my first generation kids growing close with my second generation daughter. I can't wait until Shi Yu meets Mykie. That should be soon. And then my daughter Shay. Still so much to look forward to. I am hating the weather as is Shi Yu. We don't like being stuck in the house and really miss our walks! This new house grows smaller by the day! Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had it here and it went very well. Discovery....Shi Yu isn't big on Turkey.  She isn't really big on meat at all but I don't think she had much of that in China. But give her almost any vegetable and she is in heaven. We went out for a snack at  Friendlys and she had the broccoli lol. We discovered she can't eat things made with milk. It gives her a tummy ache.  So no milk products. We also discovered she likes to sleep on the floor. I'm guessing that's what she did in China. If I put the quilt down she knows it's naptime or bedtime. She is very good about it. At night we put her in the crib after she falls asleep. She does wake up and cry and I just go in and reassure her we are here. Notice I said "I". Daddy feels bad so if he goes in and takes her to bed. Urgh! We are looking forward to Christmas with her. I haven't had a happy Christmas since I lost Ryan. It is very emotional for me still. I miss him so much. He loved Christmas as do all of my children. I think Santa will be pretty good too Shi Yu. It will be her first Christmas ever, since they don't have it in China. So I am excited. Well, I think that does it for now. Hopefully my updates will be closer now. I attached some pics to catch you up. OH! Shi Yu's hair is finally growing! Yay!