Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It just hit me!

The day I met Shi Yu was one of those days I waited for for so long! It we all so surreal. I think maybe even in shock. I don't think it really really set in until the last week. SHE IS HERE AND SHE IS MINE!  The last few days I just look at het and I can't believe she is here AND SHE IS MY CHILD! I think I was overwhelmed and maybe a little frightened of how well I could deal with the changes coming. By I hold her and I am overcome with emotion and joy. I tell her all the time how happy she had made my life. She is just the sweetest little girl and so happy. I can't even connect with the horrible things she endured in her past . Last week I was holding her and an ad came on tv about donating money to save children. They show such sadness and I said awe  look at those poor little kid Shi Yu. Then it hit me! She had been one of them!  I think she has something special to have been able to survive and still be happy. I am so blessed. Ps: the pic it's off the congee I made her today. Using rice noodles from China ( thanks to my sister in law) and egg, and some shredded vegetables. Mary not look good lol but it's very healthy and she loves it. Plus I want to keep her culture.