Friday, November 1, 2013

Shi Yu's first holiday. Halloween

I have to be honest. My older kids were never really allowed to participate in Halloween due to religious beliefs. But Daddy insisted so Shi Yu had her first Halloween. Daddy wanted her to be a pumpkin. I attached pics. Naturally it was Rainey out. But at least it wasn't cold. Being new in ths neighborhood it was hard to go to many houses because we were meeting our neighbors. Shi Yu's cousin Jimmy came over later and we hit a few more houses lol. I thought the dark, very windy, Rainey night made it more fun. You can see the pic of the stroller umbrella set up lol. It was a great time and it will be very memorable. Shi Yu isn't really allowed much candy but she was very happy just getting paper with something she was unaware of inside. I loved seeing little Jimmy and Shi Yu together. Little Jimmy was so adorable. It is actually his first Halloween too.  He would stand at a closed door and so sweetly say "trick or treat."  When the door didn't open right away he would say "trick or treat please". It was so adorable! Here are some pics. Please note lol. I am a mess in the pic from bring in a windstorm twice lmbo