Monday, October 28, 2013

1st complete physical

Finally! ShiYu's first full physical at the pediatrician. I have to say I love the doctor! She is very caring and very thorough. ShiYu is much smaller then what I thought. I felt she was tall for her age but she is actually in the 5.29 percent range of the growth chart. Her weight is in the 7.22 percent range. Wow! She received her baby shots (even though she got these in China it is recommended they are given again due to the possibility they might have not received the right amount, the could have been expired, or never given). She also received her flu shot. Poor little thing. The shots in one day. You can see in the picture how ShiYu felt about the shots. You can also see Daddy and how much he loves his little girl! The doctor is also referring her to a neurologist, orthopedic doctor, ophthalmologist, and speech therapist. She also suspects that ShiYu does in fact have mild cerebral palsy.  All in all poor little ShiYu had a very hard dayand its sleeping peacefully right now.She is the sweetest, happiest, baby.