Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My late one month update!

One month home would have been Oct 13. But pretty soon we will be on our 2 month anniversary of actually receiving her. So maybe I an early and late lol. It seems Shi Yu brought a nasty little Freind home with her called mollusca.  She had it from the day we met her and it want to bad but it eventually spread and blew up! Finally after the 3Rd doctor (from 3 days ago) I feel like we might be getting somewhere. poor little thing is not a happy camper and looks like she is covered with measles. At least now we have a prescription cream that helps the itching and we can give her Benadryl.  So beside that little disaster everything is going well. She has her first full pediatrician appointment next week so hopefully we can get to the root of problem concerning her legs, balance, muscles etc. and we can get in the road with the correct medical path to take. She had already come so far I have no doubt this little girl is going to do great!  I have never seen a 2 year old that will beg for vegetables but she loves them!  She has the best manners!  One day while getting a napkin to wipe her mouth she put her hand out, took the napkin, wiped her mouth and hands, and the proceeded to wipe the high chair tray off. She must have been taught that at the orphanage. The other thing she learned there was to stay still when she is going to get her diaper changed. If I lay her down and tell her I am going to change her diaper she will lay there until I go get her diaper, come back, and put it on her. When I think of the horrible things she had been through, the lack of love,  care, attention, encouragement... I am astounded at this little girls ability to love, laugh, and be happy. She had been from one orphanage to the other and foster care (that is a joke in China) and bank to the orphanage, to hospitals where they have no parent to console them and the doctors and nurses are so cold and indifferent, yet this little girl had a smile on her gave almost all the time. She adores her Daddy and he adores her. I think she its pretty find of me too lol. Such a happy little girl. Such a blessing to us. Ooh, and she loves the dogs. She is very affectionate and gentle with them. Lots of gentle hugs for them..