Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life is amazing!

I have never seen a happier child! Shi Yu is adjusting so well. She is blossoming in so many ways.  We are still holding strong to not letting people see her (besides immediate family) and it sometimes feels isolating but I can see how helps the bonding process. Any one that has seen her probably find the things we say about all her baby talking, laughing etc, unbelievable because when they see her she still curls up in a ball and doesn't say a word. My mother is an exception to the rule. But as I said before my Mom and I act and talk so much alike that I think she senses the closeness. So far she has seen 2 doctors. We are still waiting for our appt with the pediatrician but in the mean time we had her to a dermatologist for the rash she has had since China. It recently started spreading so we were concerned (even though 2 doctors in China blew it off). We found out it is something called Molluscum (sp?). It is contagious mostly only to children though as most adults have built up immunity.  And having it won't ban a child from going to school or any other activity except wrestling lol. He also said you would pretty much have to have skin to skin contact. It is common even in this country where there are many children together so it is most likely from the orphanage. He gave us a prescription that its actually green tea extract and promotes the skin to wake up and fight the rash. The down side is that it can take a year to go away. Or biggest concern are her legs and walking. She had xrays as they suspected hip dysplasia but that was rolled out. She had an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor in a few weeks. We can see she had muscle spasms in her legs at times and its sometimes in a little pain. But she has still made amazing progress!  She can crawl on her knees whereas before it was a combat crawl. She can sit on her knees. She can stand if we hold her hands. She is doing a great job at holding her head up. She had become very vocal. She can baby talk up a storm! And screech in laughter!  The hardest pray had been her sleeping. Since we are in the bonding stage and trying to build up her security we can't just put her to bed for a nap or at night. It terrified her and she had no way of knowing if she its being abandoned again. Thus to me odds the biggest difference in having biological children. And since she can't walk yet it means someone (mostly mama) is carrying or holding her she sleeps in the bed at night (this is recommended by all professionals in these situations) and at least does well with that. Throughout the night she will reach out and touch you  to make sure you are there. Maritime means rocking her to sleep and if she is in a deep enough sleep I try to get up so I can do some housework (lets not discuss the house urgh lol). She its getting beret with that though. Today I was able to lay her in the rocking chair and stand next to it and she feel asleep. This was a huge accomplishment! It means she is starting to trust that we won't disappear on her. She loves the blanket my sons fiancee crochet for her and always wants it at Nap time. If I don't get it first she will point to it and baby talk that she wants it. She gives you a huge smile when she gets it and then rubs it on her face. I have to give my husband a lot of credit. He is a natural Dad. Shi Yu adores him.  This is the first time I have had the experience of my child having a good Dad. (if you don't know me I was married before...a long long time a go. If you do know me you know what I am talking about). He is so involved and wants to be part of everything in her life. He never complains about anything. His life is totally dedicated to her. It is an amazing feeling and I am so appreciative of it. I think that is pretty much it. I am posting some random pics from China just for the heck if it lol.