Thursday, October 24, 2013

Did I mention?

Shi Yu's favorite toy is paper! Now I know that most kids like the paper and boxes from gifts better then the gifts when they are young but this is very different.  I think most of the children that were adopted loved paper. Not to just shake, crinkle, and ball up without thought. Paper is treated as delicately as a baby or toddler is capable of.  It's examined, turned over, touched. Then it can be folded in so many ways. Then unfolded, examined again. Shi Yu originally could play with a piece of paper very calmly for an hour. After much of this play it was finally time to gently tear pieces of paper off. Each piece that was separated from the original piece was sill just as precious. It was not to be discarded. It was in essence a whole new toy. After the papers were torn they would each be examined one by one and placed in a pile. This is done over and over again. I say all of this because it is so reflective of how poor these orphanages are. Giving paper as a toy.  I sometimes wonder if there were enough pieces of paper so that each child would get one. The odd thing is Shi Yu is very content with a piece of paper and I can see the use of her imagination growing. The mind of a child is so amazing. Yes I know. Thus is probably an odd blog entry. But its something I want to remember. Shi Yu loves when the mailman drops the mail through the door! All that junk mail is finally handy for something lol. Btw, she has paper (an advertisement) in the pic.