Friday, November 1, 2013

Todays doctor results

Today we saw our first pediatric specialist. Shi Yu was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Thus us why she hadn't been able to walk. It wasn't a surprise. I felt good told me this before we even got her and they did suspect it. I also felt a peace about it. They feel it is a mild case. She had an appointment to get fitted for foot and ankle braces in 2 weeks. Her muscles are very "spastic". Very much so in the groin. This is a big concern because without therapy (which she will be getting) her hip joints could eventually become dislocated.  Dan asked the doctor (who was wonderful) if she would ever walk. The doctor felt very confident that she will. She said she couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't need some kind of help later in life but said she had a very good feeling she wouldn't. She will also need a walker for a bit. When Dan asked the doctor of Shi Yu would walk and when the doctor answered...Dan had tears in his eyes...which made me emotional. He its such a good Dad. He does everything in his power to be at every appt. In December we have at least 3 appointments. Neurologist, ophthalmologist, and pediatrician. Oh and probably final fitting for her leg braces. But she is worth every second of it! I can't wait to see her stand in her own  it will be amazing! She is such a blessing.