Monday, February 10, 2014

Doctor visit

Today was Shi Yu's check up with Dr Handler. She is the doctor that oversees everything. She was impressed with the flexibility Shi Yu has gained. It really is tremendous. The problem is more the muscle tone. Muscle tone comes from the brain and in cp it is that part of the brain that was damaged. The tone in her abductors (they are at the hip joint) is very high and is causing the scissoring of her legs which cause her to step on her feet while trying to walk as well as walk on her toes.  She really believes Shi Yu will walk. In the meantime she wants her to be fitted with another apparatus that will help separate her legs and help her walking. She is also referring her to another doctor, a physiatrist, that can help this with botox shots. The botox will paralyze only parts of the muscle and help decrease the high tone. They will put her to sleep for these shots and they last about 6 months. It was all pretty much what I expected to hear except for the new apparatus. But everything is temporary to reach the goal so it's ok. Dan was pretty quiet when we left. I asked him what was wrong and he said he didn't know. That he keeps hoping someone will say they have the miracle remedy for her. I felt bad for him. He loves Shi Yu so much.  I told him the road is just a little longer but the outcome will be the same and she will be fine.  And she will be. She will be the best that she can be and that's all that matters. She is already so amazing and smart and funny and loving. And very determined.Shi Yu has made it through being abandoned on the street, surviving an orphanage in China, surviving medical issues that most would not have survived, so I know she has got this! Just takes time and hard work. We went out to eat afterwords and as a treat night her a new book and some pretty spiffy sunglasses in hopes we will see spring soon lol.