Saturday, February 1, 2014

Therapy and more

Yesterday Shi Yu started swim therapy. Daddy took her because this mama doesn't own a bathing suit and wouldn't be caught dead in one!  I thought she would love it.  The water is heated nice and warm! But no. The second the therapist took her that was it. I don't blame Shi Yu though. She is still very least of new people and then you through in a swimming pool of water? So it turned into a kind of get to know you affair. Today she had her speech evaluation at the place she now gets her physical and occupational therapy. It was so much more realistic then the first place she had it where it was completely ignored that she had only been in this country 2 months, was just learning English, had never been out of an orphanage and therefore couldn't pick out a picture of a race car, orange, cow, bunny etc.. she lived the therapist. And I have to say the therapist fell in love with her lol.  Ask of her therapists think she is so special (yes I am bragging). It's not just that she is so cute, it's the drive and determination she had as well as how easy she is too work with. They can't believe that she came from the god awful place she came from and it's such a happy sweet little girl. Sometimes I can't believe it either. She is such a quick learner!  Sorry, hit side tracked in my pride. Any way, The speech therapist assessed her and feels she will be taking up a storm in no time. So we will be adding speech therapy to our busy schedule. Right now she has physical therapy twice a week, occupational therapy once a week, doctors appointments in between, as well as dealing with other agencies offering help and now she will have speech therapy one or two times a week. We are very busy lol. But each time she goes to one of these things means more improvement. And I love it. Dan is still wonderful about bring at any appointment he can. He is a great daddy. He just adores her. And she adores him.  We got good news from the blood work the neurologist did. No lead poisoning , no fragile x syndrome, and no something else he tested for.  She was also tested for intestinal parasites (common in China adoptions) and some other weird things and all tests came back negative.  Wow, this was going to be a short post. Not sure what happened lol. But it's all good news!