Sunday, March 9, 2014

Update March 9th doctors and treatment

As many of you know already Shi yu went to a pediatric ophthalmologist and we were told she needed corrective glasses for her left eye that sometimes doesn't line up with the right eye. We were told that if we let it go her brain would eventually stop communicating with that eye as she would slowly stop using it and she could go blind in it. Since her brain is still developing it can also affect other brain functions. She is also a tiny bit near sighted. Picking the glasses came down to choosing between 2 frames because that's just all there is for toddlers. We did have an array of color choices which ranged from white, pink, yellow, red, black green, blue, etc.. The down fall was the color samples were the size of a lentil. We chose the gray. Not sure why but I didn't like any of the other colors. I guess they do make her look intelligent. My husband was sure that she would never leave them on and I had serious doubts myself lol. But she has been very cooperative so far!  We have also gone to a physiatrist (so?) Who is going to give her botox shots in the hip and leg area to help loosen the tightness of the muscles and will help her to walk and not scissor her legs so much. He is also going to give her phen which kills some of the nerve endings (they grow back). Because of the phen, she will need to go under anesthesia as it is a complicated process. While she is under they will also do an mri to see what part of the brain is affected causing the cerebral palsy. I'm not sure but I think they may be able to tell us what happened. It's all a little scary. I dread doing this but I have researched these treatments and they seem to have very good results. But there are also risks. She is also taking medication 3 times a day for muscle relaxation. It makes her a little tired and I hate that. I am hoping that side affect wears off soon.  Shi yu continues to do well with her physical and occupational therapies. Her PT says she is having trouble keeping up with Shi yu lol.Shi yu is still a little reserved with her speech therapy but I'm sure that will improve. She gets shy about taking around anyone but Dan and I. Shi yu has not put much weight on but they say that could be because her activity level is so much higher now then what it was in China. When we first got her she wouldn't stop eating. She has slowed down because I think she feels secure that she doesn't have to worry any more  About going hungry. She has grown 3 inches! That's hard to believe but it's true. It's only been 6 months! By US CDC standards she is in the 17th percentile of height and weight for her age but the CDC  chart for Asian children shows she is in the 75th percentile. So we are happy with that. I wish the doctors here would use the Asian chart for her but it's not in their computer.  We discovered she adores lo mein noodles. She literally went crazy with excitement over them. I wonder if they were a treat for her when she was in the orphanage. I do know that the part of China she is from us more lo mein noodles then rice which she also loves. I'm going to try and make them for her. They seem simple enough. And it's funny how she knows to suck them up. Off there are chop sucks insight she demand I use them but I am not very good at it. Trust me I have tried. She also loves spaghetti...probably because of the noodles. Sorry looks like I started rambling lol. We are so grateful to have Shi yu. We couldn't imagine life without her. She has given us so many gifts . She has given me renewed life and purpose. For that I will be forever grateful. She has given her Dan the chance to be a dad and have a daughter. You can only understand the love one has for their child when you have your own. Now he knows. We are very blessed.